Where to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2021?

In the past 10 years, the cryptocurrency economy has seen a boom that has never been seen in other industries. Such growth has led the European Union to seek a way to regulate this economy that moves more than 100,000 million euros. In this article, we provide you with more information about cryptocurrencies and we give you clues to know where to invest in cryptocurrencies.

What are the most advanced countries in terms of cryptocurrencies?

In record time, Malta, Estonia and Switzerland have opened their legal borders to attract companies and new investors in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency business. According to the statistics and Eman Pulis (CEO of SIGMA) declarations, the companies where the activities are related to the cryptocurrency, have difficulties opening a bank account in Malta, plus the time frame to receive the authorization are around 9 months instead of 6 months. Estonia and Switzerland continue to gain momentum in attracting companies from these industries

Comparison of favourable jurisdiction for starting a crypto-business

We now share a comparative table of the advantages and disadvantages of each country regarding the cryptocurrency issue.
License in Malta License in Switzerland License in Gibraltar License in Estonia
Issue time 6 months 6 months 4 months 2 months
Share capital 730.000 € 300.000 CHF 35.000 GBD 12.000€
Office requirement Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Resident director Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Employees Min.3
Licence validity Annual Annual Annual Termless
Income tax 35% 12% 10% 0%

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