Seychelles offshore company formation has become a popular option in recent years. This is due in part to how fast it is to set up a company in the Seychelles.

When setting up an offshore company in the Seychelles, owners do not need to have a physical address in Seychelles – the only requirement is to have a registered agent.

There are no taxes, no accounting, no cooperation with France, Spain, Switzerland or Belgium: the creation of a company in the Seychelles is definitely highly recommended.

In Mundo offshore, we accompany you in establishing your company in the Seychelles. Our team will help you with every procedure and will keep you informed as to how it is progressing.


The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands, located to the northeast of Madagascar. The largest island is Mahé Island. Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, is located on this island. Its total area is 455 square kilometres.

Seychelles does not depend on Great Britain or the British Crown, nor on an EU Member State. This means that you have more freedom to set your own standards.

In December 1994, Seychelles legislation authorised the establishment of International Commercial Companies, International Trusts and companies in the free zone. Newer legislation also authorises the establishment of offshore banks, offshore insurers and investment funds.

Service fee for Seychelles offshore company formation

Done within 2 working days.

100% online.


A company formation in Seychelles is suitable for those who are seeking wealth and asset protection.

Is one of the most potential jurisdictions if you want to register your ship, or to establish an offshore trust or foundation

  • Wealth and asset protection company
  • Financial institution
  • Investment funds
  • Holding structure
  • Trust structure
  • Foundation

Share capital

No minimum capital


No corporate or income taxes


Banking secrecy and confidentiality


Wealth and asset protection

Financial stability

An offshore centre with financial and legal stability for investors
Seychelles offshore company incorporation

Company formation in Seychelles main characteristics

Formation timeframe2 days
Type of business entityIBC
Corporation tax0%
ISO standards managementAvailable
Guidelines for financial performance of transfer price and other considerationsShell company
Information on shareholders and directorsAvailable
Nominee ServicesAvailable
Financials LicenseAvailable