Offshore Investment Funds

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Offshore investment fund

Offshore investment fund

An offshore investment fund serves as a collective investment vehicle where multiple investors pool their capital to access a diversified portfolio of assets located in offshore jurisdictions. The primary objective of investing in such funds is to potentially enhance investment returns by leveraging the tax advantages offered in these countries.

Recent years witnessed a surge in mutual fund popularity, notably due to their multifaceted benefits. Incorporating an offshore element further elevates their appeal. Offshore jurisdictions offer tax benefits, confidentiality, and legal safeguards, attracting investors aiming to optimize their strategies.

However, it’s vital to acknowledge that offshore mutual funds face stringent regulations and oversight. Qualified individuals manage and regulate them to ensure legal compliance, transparency, and investor accountability.

Moreover, investors in offshore mutual funds share profits or losses proportionally to their investments. This fosters collective ownership and aligns investor interests with fund performance.

At its core, offshore mutual funds function as limited partnerships or trust structures, offering shares or units to investors in exchange for capital. This grants investors access to diversified portfolios managed by professionals while capitalizing on offshore advantages.

The types of investment vehicles include:

  1. Public Funds: As the name suggests, these are funds and investments that can be offered to the general public. For example, they are the funds that your banker might offer you during a meeting or a normal visit to the bank to request a duplicate of your Visa card.

  2. Private Funds: These are funds with private capital management, dedicated to a limited circle of investors. In other words, they cannot be offered to the public.

  3. Professional Funds: Participants in these investment vehicles are companies or qualified individuals with a minimum investment exceeding 100,000 euros.

Mundo Offshore and the Investment Fund formation

Study case

This phase is the most challenging and time-consuming of the process. Currently, the trend is to establish a fund in Luxembourg, a highly attractive country for funds, especially alternative investment funds (AIF). However, when deciding to create a fund, it's essential to determine in which jurisdiction it's possible to establish a fund without encountering too many administrative obstacles. Thus, this saves time in attracting investments. Furthermore, some countries do not require initial regulation to start the activity, such as the United States or the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Jurisdiction, Regulation, and Structuring

We can assist you in creating an investment fund in full compliance with national and international laws. Options include EU or non-EU jurisdictions. Within the EU, the most judicious choice would be an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) in Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, or Cyprus. Outside the EU, several alternatives are available, such as the United States, the British Virgin Islands, the United Arab Emirates, the Cayman Islands, and the United Kingdom. Finally, most allow unregulated funds, offering a strong legal framework.

Investment fund registration

Mundo Offshore handles the drafting and preparation of documents (such as fund articles, investment strategy, AML policies, KID, information and risk policy). Additionally, we rectify and introduce elements or individuals that may be key for registration with the regulatory authority. Finally, we create the appropriate structure for the fund (SLP, trust, SICAR, SIF).

Post formation compliance

Navigating the post-creation phase of establishing an investment fund can indeed be complex, particularly when it comes to compliance with regulatory authorities. Nevertheless, Mundo Offshore understands the challenges clients face, especially in dealing with potential language barriers and unfamiliarity with the legal landscape of the country where the fund is established. Hence, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure clients remain in compliance and navigate this phase with confidence.


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Mundo Offshore: Navigating Your Path to Investment Funds

An investment fund is a regulated and licensed structure. In reality, in most offshore zones, it’s not the activities of the fund itself, but its manager who must obtain a license or authorization in the country where the fund is registered. Similarly, the manager is responsible to investors for the proper investment of the fund’s resources. Therefore, they must exercise personal control over their investment activities.

Obtaining a license for an investment fund is not a simple procedure. On the contrary, it’s a complex and time-consuming process that requires meticulous preparation of documents. Furthermore, the person managing the fund must have demonstrable experience in the field of financial investments.

Why choose us?

The formation of your own offshore hedge fund is a very attractive opportunity for business development on an international scale. Mundo offshore with its 17 years of experience offers you its professionalism and its know-how to form and manage your offshore investment fund.

We offer you the possibility to form an insured offshore investment fund.Indeed, you will have associated insurance to give more credibility to investors.


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