Panama offshore company incorporation

Panama offshore company formation is generally undertaken by people who are looking for asset protection, and to minimize taxes.

An offshore company in Panama offers legal protection both of its assets and of the identity of its shareholders and directors, owing to the confidentiality of commercial and banking transactions carried out through a Panamanian company.

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Panama is a country located in the southeast of Central America. Its official name is the Republic of Panama and its capital is Panama City. The Republic is made up of 9 provinces and 5 indigenous regions. Located on the isthmus that connects Central and South America, its mountainous terrain is interrupted only by the Panama Canal.

The Panamanian economy and its banking system have been internationally recognised as among the strongest on the continent. This economic powerhouse has experienced steady and continuous growth in GDP.

PANAMA is one of the most popular and well-known tax havens in the offshore world.

Service fee for Panama company formation

Done within 2 working days.

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Panama company incorporation

An offshore company in Panama can be used as an investment holding company or a financial institution.

An offshore company in Panama is the ideal vehicle for making or receiving loans or royalties.

Panama is the jurisdiction that registers the most companies per year (50,000 companies per year). This jurisdiction has long been chosen by Americans.

A company incorporated in Panama is an option for:

  • Import & Export
  • Holding company
  • Estate & succession planing.
  • Wealth & asset
  • Yacht and ship registration
  • Financial activity (License required)


No minimum capital required

Corporate tax

Exempt for non-Panama resource.


Well developed service industry.


Banking secrecy and confidentiality

Exchange controls

No exchange controls
Panama offshore company incorporation

Company formation in Panama main characteristics

Formation timeframe2 days
Type of business entitySA,Corp
Corporation tax0%
ISO standards managementAvailable
DirectorsMinimum of 3
Information on shareholders Not available
Directors informationNot available
Nominee ServicesAvailable