Offshore fund formation

An offshore hedge fund is an offshore investment fund in which many investors pool their capital, investing in a range of assets in an offshore jurisdiction with the aim of increasing return on investment thanks to the absence of taxes in those countries.
This type of offshore fund is regulated and managed by a person with specific training and demonstrable experience.
Investors share profits or losses proportionally, depending on the initial investment.

Hedging, one of the main elements of hedge funds, involves protecting against the risk of asset losses by using various investment strategies and other financial instruments.

The fund’s objective is set out in advance in the articles of the offshore fund formation, which is the legal document that contains information about the fund, its history, its performance and its managers.

In recent years, investment funds have become increasingly popular with investors, and this is in part because of the benefits they can provide to investors. When we add the offshore element into the equation, it is easy to see why these types of investments have grown in many offshore countries.

offshore fund formation

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An offshore investment fund is a regulated and licensed structure. In reality, in most offshore jurisdictions, it is not the activities of the fund itself, but its manager who must obtain a license or authorization in the country of registration of the fund. At the same time, the manager is responsible to investors for the proper investment of the fund’s resources, therefore, he must exercise personal control over his investment activities.

It should be taken into account that obtaining a license for an investment fund is not a simple procedure, it is a complex and time-consuming process that will require careful preparation of documents. The person managing the fund must have an appropriate education and demonstrable experience in the area of financial investments.

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We offer you the possibility to form an insured offshore investment fund, which means that you will have associated insurance to give more credibility to investors.


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  • Ease of investing.
  • Managed by professionals.
  • Fiscal efficiency.
  • High interest rate.