Lithuania offshore company formation

The most common format used to register an offshore company in Lithuania is the UAB (limited liability company).

Lithuania offshore company registration allows you to benefit from some of the lowest tax rates in Europe: tax on profits ranges from 5 -15%, depending on certain conditions.

In addition, setting up a company in Lithuania enables you to carry out certain activities that are highly regulated within the European Union, thanks to the ease and simplicity of obtaining a licence for such activities.


It is a sovereign country in northern Europe, and a member of the European Union, whose form of government is the presidential republic. The most populous city is its capital Vilnius.

It is currently also in negotiations to join the Nordic Council, in addition to being a full member of various international organisations such as NATO. Lithuania is the 77th largest world economy by GDP.

In fact, Lithuania’s development dynamics since the 2000s have seen the country’s leaders promote economic progress by calling on foreign investors to take centre stage.

Lithuania company incorporation service fees

Done within 5 working days.

100% online.

Lithuania offshore company

The incorporation of an offshore company in Lithuania is often used by investors in order to carry out activities such as international trade (sales of products or services) or e-commerce, or to set up a holding or transport company or financial institution (fintech), thanks to the ease of accessing a licence for these last two activities.

A company incorporated in Lithuania is an option for:

  • Commercial Activities
  • Trading House
  • Holding Company
  • International investment Company
  • Asset Protection
  • Financial activities (prior Bank of Lithuania authorization is required )


Mandatory monthly accounting


VAT rate is 20%, valid EU VAT number available.

Share capital

minimum required from 1 € to 2900 €.


Bank secrecy and privacy


no withholding taxes
Lithuania offshore company incorporation

Lithuania company formation main characteristics

Incorporation time frame5 working days
Type of business entityUAB, MB
Corporate tax5 – 15%
ISO standardsAvailable
Information concerning ShareholderDisclosed
Information concerning directorsDisclosed
Nominees servicesAvailable
Financial licenseAvailable
Valid EU VATAvailable