Latvia offshore company formation

The most common form of offshore company in Latvia is a SIA (limited liability company).

Latvia offshore company registration allows you to benefit from the lowest taxes in Europe – corporation tax is 0% (as long as there is no dividend distribution, otherwise it is 20% on dividends).

Moreover, the incorporation of a company in Latvia allows you to carry out certain highly regulated activities in the European Union – that is, regulated activities that can only be carried out with a license.

An offshore company in Latvia can act as a Holding company with many advantages, the most important being the exemption from tax on dividends obtained from its subsidiaries.


Latvia is located in the Baltic region in northern Europe, bordered by Lithuania and Estonia to the south, Belarus to the southeast, Russia to the east and a sea border with Sweden to the west.

Politically, it is defined as a “democratic parliamentary republic” with an elected legislature, consisting of one Parliamentary chamber, a prime minister, and a president.

Latvia was born as a nation in 1918 after the end of World War I. From 1940 to 1991, it was part of the Soviet Union under Russian control.

Latvia company incorporation service fees

100% online.

1-3 working days.

Latvia offshore company

The incorporation of an offshore company in Latvia makes it possible to carry out international trade activities worldwide (sales of goods or services) and e-commerce or use it as a Holding company.

Licenses to carry out a regulated activity are easy and simple to obtain in Latvia, such as transportfinancial, cryptocurrency licenses or licenses from a financial institution (fintech).

A company incorporated in Latvia is an option for:

  • Commercial Activities
  • Trading House
  • Holding Company
  • International investment Company
  • Asset Protection
  • Financial activities (prior FCMC authorization is required )


Mandatory monthly accounting


VAT rate is 21%, valid EU VAT number available.

Share capital

minimum required 2900 €.


Bank secrecy and privacy


taxed at 20%.
offshore company latvia

Latvia company formation main characteristics

Incorporation time frame 1 – 3 working days
Type of business entitySIA,
Corporate tax0%
ISO standardsAvailable
Information concerning ShareholderDisclosed
Information concerning directorsDisclosed
Nominees servicesAvailable
Financial licenseAvailable
Valid EU VATAvailable