Isle of Man offshore company formation

For foreign investors or entrepreneurs, Isle of Man offshore company incorporation can be decisive in terms of creating a prosperous and profitable business, because taxes on profits, annual turnover or capital are nil, unless the company participates in local banking operations or asset transactions (i.e. operating in the Isle of Man territory).

Registering an offshore company in the Isle of Man can give you a great advantage if you plan to set up an online gaming company (casino, betting and events, etc.), offer a service, conduct import-export within / outside the European Union, or establish a Holding company.


The Isle of Man is an autonomous dependency of the British Crown located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The Isle of Man has never been part of the United Kingdom, but it is in the British Isles.

The Isle of Man is an international commercial and financial centre with a stable political base and very low taxation.

The Isle of Man is also part of the UK VAT system, making it advantageous for companies incorporated there for a commercial purpose.

Isle of Man offshore company service fees

100% online.

3 working days.

Isle of Man offshore company

An offshore company on the Isle of Man is a good choice for online gambling (casino, blackjack, etc.). It is also suitable for people who practice Forex on behalf of third parties (you must previously obtain an FSP licence).

company in the Isle of Man can act as a holding company, and separate and protect its property and assets.

Many foreign investors who engage in e-commerce choose to create a company on the Isle of Man to benefit from zero tax and a UK intra-community VAT number .

  • Commercial Activities
  • Trading House
  • Holding Company
  • International investment Company
  • Asset Protection
  • Online Gambling


Mandatory quarterly accounting


VAT rate is 20%, valid EU VAT number available.

Share capital

Minimum 1 GBP.

Bank system

Top 10 bank in the world are based in UK.

Corporate Tax

Corporate tax rate is 19%. (18% from the 1st of April 2020).
Isle of Man offshore company formation


Incorporation time frame 3 working days
Type of business entityPlc
Corporate tax 0%
ISO standardsAvailable
Exchange controlsNo
Information concerning ShareholderDisclosed
Information concerning directorsDisclosed
Nominees servicesAvailable
Financial licenseAvailable
Valid EU VATAvailable