Delaware offshore company formation

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In 1977, legislation allowing the creation of the Limited Liability Company (LLC) was first passed.

US law allows the formation of this type of hybrid company which combines the best aspects of a company and a Limited Company. Delaware is known for being a tax haven, although this is based on external international trade (within the state the obligation to pay taxes does exist).

Today many other states such as Wyoming, Nevada and Florida have adopted the Delaware statute.


The United States is a federal constitutional republic, consisting of 50 states and a federal district. Most of its states are in central North America, which account for 48 states. Its other two states are Hawaii, an archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and Alaska, located in the northwest of the continent, in the Bering Sea.

Citizens and businesses must be aware of the differences in legislation and taxation that exist among the federal states in the United States. As a consequence of these differences, the small state of Delaware (with a population of 870,000 people) has become a giant destination for companies. By way of illustration, 40% of the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange are based there.

Service fee for Delaware offshore company formation

Done within 2 – 4 working days.

100% online.

Delaware offshore company

The incorporation of an offshore company in Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming or Florida (United States) is particularly tailored to the requirements of investors seeking anonymity and a great brand image.

Offshore companies in the United States are generally used as holding companies or for international trade, import-export, consulting and services.

Are you thinking to form a company in the United States in order to benefit from its tax advantages? Bear in mind that Delaware is not the only US state to offer this opportunity. (Florida, Wyoming, Nevada and Texas are similar)

Corporate Tax

exempt if you use the right structure, otherwise 25%.


Need to file an annual return obligatory.


No withholding tax, Canada is not considered as tax haven.


Bank secrecy and privacy.


No VAT, but there is a GST similar tax to the VAT, only aplicable inside the territory of Canada.
Delaware offshore company formation

United States company main characteristics

incorporation timeframe2-4 days
Type of business entityLLC, S-corp, C-corp
Corporation tax0%-8.75%
ISO standards managementAvailable
Financial performance of transfer priceShell company, Holding company, or for trading.
Information on shareholders and directorsNot available
Nominee ServicesAvailable
Financial services licenseAvailable