Canada offshore company formation

Canada offshore company incorporation is an attractive option in that it assures a good brand image compared to offshore companies located in other countries (Delaware, Belize etc.)

Registering an offshore company in Canada allows you to carry out all legal activities without restrictions, except some for which you need to obtain a license (Forex and Trading, Banking, Financial, Insurance, etc.).

Moreover, setting up a business in Canada allows you to benefit from a very attractive tax system, with taxation at 0% in some provinces.

Canada also has a very close business relationship with the United States, a fact which contributes to the formation of many offshore companies there.


Canada is a country located in North America, and is considered the second largest country in the world after Russia.

Politically Canada is a federal constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system.

Canada is one of the richest nations in the world, and a member of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Group of Eight (G8).

Some regions of Canada offer a very low or almost zero tax rate for non-resident offshore companies that do not carry out any activity within the country.

In Canada, you can use the nominee director service, allowing you to maintain anonymity and confidentiality in the management of your offshore company in Canada.

Service fee for Canada offshore company formation

Done within 5 working days.

100% online.

Set up offshore company in Canada is ideal for

  • Regular trading company for doing business in Canada, US, EU and other highly regulated jurisdictions
  • Agent working under Sales Agency Agreement. Principal may be any legal entity including companies registered in low and zero tax jurisdictions
  • Software development and IT support services, when major customers are located in Canada, US and EU
  • Online based businesses (website development, marketing services, webstores, etc.

Corporate Tax

exempt if you use the right structure, otherwise 25%.


Need to file an annual return obligatory.


No withholding tax, Canada is not considered as tax haven.


Bank secrecy and privacy.


No VAT, but there is a GST similar tax to the VAT, only aplicable inside the territory of Canada.
Canada offshore company formation

Canada company main characteristics

Incorporation timeframe5 days
Type of business entityLP
Corporation tax0%
ISO standards managementAvailable
Financial performance of transfer priceHigh performing structure in terms
Information on shareholders and directorsDisclosed
Nominee ServicesAvailable
PartnersMin. 2 partners
Financial services licenseAvailable