Bulgaria offshore company formation

Setting up an offshore company in Bulgaria is a very attractive option for foreign investors looking for a low tax rate in the European Union. Establishing a company in Bulgaria is particularly well-suited to people or companies who wish to carry out subcontracting activities or services

In recent years, Bulgaria has come to represent a niche for creating a company if you want to obtain a licence from a financial institution or for online gaming (casino, betting house, etc.)

As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria is not a tax haven but offers access to the free movement and free trade directives in force in the European Union.


The Republic of Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe located on the Balkan peninsula. Bulgaria covers part of the historical territory of Thrace, and borders the Black Sea to the east, Greece and Turkey to the south, the Danube and Romania to the north, and Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west.

With regard to company types, of particular note are the OOD (Ltd.), where you only need one shareholder to be able to create the company, and AD (Joint Stock Company) , which requires a minimum of two shareholders and offers the possibility of issuing bearer shares.

Tax on profits is only 10%. The banking system is highly satisfactory and ensures the appropriate level of security.

Bulgaria company incorporation service fees

Done within 4 working days.

100% online.

Bulgaria offshore company

The creation of an offshore company in Bulgaria will enable you to carry out international trade throughout the world, including the sale of products, services, e-commerce, holding and import-export.

Incorporating an offshore company in Bulgaria is an ideal solution for gold and diamond merchants, transport companies and financial companies.

A company incorporated in Bulgaria is an option for:

  • Commercial Activities
  • Trading House
  • Holding Company
  • International investment Company
  • Asset Protection
  • Financial activities (prior FCMC authorization is required )


Mandatory monthly accounting


VAT rate is 20%, valid EU VAT number available.

Share capital

minimum required 1 €.


Bank secrecy and privacy


no withholding taxes
Bulgaria offshore company formation

Bulgaria company formation main characteristics

Incorporation time frame4 working days
Type of business entityLtd (Eood)
Corporate tax10%
ISO standardsAvailable
Information concerning ShareholderDisclosed
Information concerning directorsDisclosed
Nominees servicesAvailable
Financial licenseAvailable
Valid EU VATAvailable