Belize offshore company formation is intended for people who practice Forex and Trading in a personal capacity.

It can also be used as a holding company, for the protection of heritage, and also for electronic commerce since lately PayPal has been made available to offshore companies created in Belize.

Mundo Offshore will be your partner as you create your offshore company in Belize. We have a professional team of legal experts ready to establish your company abroad. We accompany and inform you throughout the entire process of creating your company in Belize.


Belize, formerly called British Honduras, is an independent democratic State integrated into the Commonwealth. It is located on the Caribbean coast of Central America, bordering Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south and west and the Caribbean sea to the east. A former British colony, it became independent in 1981 and since then has enjoyed a stable and democratic government.

Belize is currently considered an offshore financial centre due to its tax advantages for non-residents and the lack of taxes for companies domiciled in this jurisdiction.
Belize stands out as a jurisdiction for a wide range of activities, in particular those related to international trade and the creation of trusts, since its legislation favours the protection of wealth and affords a high level of banking secrecy for companies.

Service fee for Belize company formation

Done within 24 hours.

100% online.


Offshore company in Belize is ideal for:

  • Intellectual property management
  • Financial institution
  • Investment funds
  • Holding structure
  • Trust structure
  • Brokerage

Share capital

No minimum capital


No corporate or income taxes


Banking secrecy and confidentiality


Wealth and asset protection

Financial stability

An offshore centre with financial and legal stability for investors
Belize offshore company formation

Company formation in Belize main characteristics

Formation timeframe24 hours
Type of business entityIBC
Corporation tax0%
ISO standards managementAvailable
Guidelines for financial performance of transfer price and other considerationsHigh performing structure in terms
Information on shareholders and directorsNot available
Nominee ServicesAvailable
Financials LicenseAvailable